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Louis Diggs smiling because this is the last photo of the church before construction work begins.
image2Early photo of Board Members visiting the Director of Woodstock Job Corps. L to r: Tanisha Nixon, Director of the Woodstock Job Corps Center, Doris Smith, Treasurer of the Friends of Cherry Hill, Louis Diggs, Project Director and Ruth Ross, President back several years ago when we were attempting to get the Job Corps Center to take care of the landscaping at the Church. 

headstoneHeadstone of Sabelle Lecount, located in the cemetery of Cherry Hill AUMP Chrurch in Granite on September 26, 2014 while the church was being converted to the Diggs/Johnson Mini-Museum.

Construction of the church addition.
Getting the foundation ready for the addition to the church.
jobcorp workersThe grass grows entirely too high. Two students from the Job Corps Center working hard at cutting it down.

Louis offering a prayer of forgivness for disturbing the resting place of the deceased.

The real begining of the renovation of Cherry Hill Chruch as the north side of the church is stabilized.

The extension with the old church.